NWC603COM Assignment One

NWC603COM Assignment One 

AI and Games

Learning Outcomesto be assessed in this assignment
Evaluate suitable core AI elements and their suitability to different game contexts and then generate ideas and concepts to use AI elements in a computer game.. 

Portfolio – Documentation and oral examination (viva)

This portfolio represents 20% of the module mark.


For this portfolio you are asked to submit a Document (can be a blogs) in which you should in detail describe:-
 The new AI topics you learnt
  • A brief analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the techniques including in in what type of game or for what type of behaviour or effect these techniques are suitable.
  • Any additional resources beyond the course material that you have found while analysing strengths and weaknesses.

This document / blog should also contain information on what type of game you are planning for the assignment and what techniques you deem suitable.


In a short viva you will be asked a number of questions about the previous weeks’ topics, aimed at testing your understanding as well as to explain your game design and AI choices for the assignment, described on your blog.
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