Unit 10: Website Design

So this unit is a general introduction to website design. It covers everything to do with website. We discuss back end services to the coding of the site. It also includes what makes a website looks good. What considerations do we make to get the site accessed by as many people as possible.

Server technologies and management services associated with hosting and managing websites

Website Hosting service
What is DNS ?
Search Engine Rankings
Sever Technologies
Dynamic content V Static Content
Common Web Technologies

Website technologies, tools and software used to develop websites

What is UI?
What is UX?
What are Back end technologies?
What tools can we use to make websites?
Making a Website Secure.

Utilise website technologies, tools and techniques with good design principles to create a multi page website

Client requirements for websites
Look and feel of website
Considering the target audience
Create a Website
How to make website perform well

Create and use a Test Plan to review the performance and design of a multi page website

What is user trust?
What is SEO?
WC3 Validation of website
Creating a plan to test the web site
Can we prove the website work well in all circumstances

Assignment One

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