Unit 47: Computer Games Design

It is often easy to forget that behind the polished high-definition graphics and increasingly cinematic content of modern computer games is a highly skilled team of designers and programmers. With more sophisticated environments and new ways of interacting with computers, computer game developers now have the choice to extend into many software development realms. Linking to any of the programming units, this unit enables learners to use any suitable platform to explore design requirements and methods of user interaction as well as the coding demands required for the differing types of gaming environments. Whilst it is essential to offer learners an overview of the differing gaming environments, unit delivery for the development of a game should focus on one specific environment and the required user and technological interactions. This unit is not suited to learners who do not have experience in programming and should ideally be delivered when the learner has completed procedural programming, object-oriented programming or event-driven programming.


To provide learners with an understanding of computer games development as an underpinning technological concept in the fields of computer gaming and systems development.

Assignment One – Theory

Assignment Two – Implementation

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