Unit 35 and 36 Overview page

Last year we created a web site using HTML and CSS and some used some Javascript. These websites where all static client side websites. The contents as a whole doesn’t change until it is edited.

This year we are moving on to dynamic webdesign. In dynamic webdesign the contents can change. For us Dynamic Web design is focused on PHP and MySQL.

Lets start with PHP.

PHP is  is a scripting language that is designed for web development. PHP is a server side scripting language. It requires a web server to process it first the output of this is then sent to a client as HTML. A client system processes the HTML to produce a web page.

The best way is to demonstrate this and to let you as students have a go yourself.

Week 1 :PHP presentation Week 2: CookiesMy Cookie code

Week 3 – 5 : Address Book

Week 6 – 8 : Web App Assignment

PHP Assingment : Make a website to sell TVs, with a secure area to edit details, a general area to view and a logout option.

Assignment Two

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