Web Design – Assignment 2

Your task is to create a 4 / 5 page website.

Scenario : You are creating a 4 to 5 page web site to sell (resell) electrical goods. One page should be TV’s and one should be gaming themed. The other 2 or 3 pages are your choice these can include a white goods page (fridges / freezers). You can do 2 pages of gaming (one consoles another games). You can have a page on mobile phones / tablets. The choice is yours


  1. Research: look online find ideas, get screen shots of other site that do a similar idea. 
  2. Create logo: Create your own logo for your own electrical re-seller.
  3. Content : download TV images and get descriptions.
  4. Target Audience: who is buying your products?
  5. Draft: create a draft website, show layout of what site will look like. Seek feedback on your draft.
  6. Implement: create website from draft, show screen shots of code (give code examples). 
  7. Test: test website get feedback from others.
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